Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red Robin Response Re: Kennewick, WA incident and NIP

Red Robin

From: ""

Dear Tamara:

Thank you for your comments. We have been made aware of an incident involving a Red Robin guest who chose to breastfeed her infant while dining in our Kennewick, Wash., restaurant. While all of our restaurant managers are trained to treat our guests with respect, dignity and to always comply with the laws where we do business, unintentionally, a mistake was made by a member of our restaurant management team and, since then, we have been focusing on taking care of the guest involved and doing the right thing.
Since we were made aware of the incident, the general manager of our Kennewick restaurant has contacted the guest directly and apologized. Also, a representative of our corporate office has contacted the guest to apologize and to learn more about what happened so we can take steps to avoid a repeat of the incident, at our Kennewick restaurant and at all Red Robin locations. In addition, the local requirements related to accomodating public breastfeeding have been reinforced at our Kennewick restaurant, and we are taking steps to make sure the teams at all other Red Robin locations are reminded about the importance of complying with requirements related to public breastfeeding.
While we believe that this is an isolated incident, Red Robin is focusing on reaching out to our guest, and we will do what we can to prevent a repeat of this incident.

Thank you again for helping to bring this matter to our attention so we can work with our guest and our restaurant teams to make sure we are always treating our guests with the respect and service that they deserve.

Red Robin Guest Relations

I agree with others that their response to the situation is innadequate. Red Robin should go beyond informing their employees of breastfeeding laws and making their customers feel comfortable. Making their customers feel comfortable could mean either way, informing is not necessarily supporting. They should make a public statement saying that they welcome and support breastfeeding covered or uncovered in their establishment. I do think that they made a decent step forward by even responding. Even so, do more Red Robin, until then you are still boycotted in my book.

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