Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do Not Eat At Red Robin Restaurants

I LOVE and hate to jump on a boycott bandwagon. I wish people and businesses just did the right thing. Sometimes we just need to give a good push in the right direction.

Red Robin in Kennewick, WA discriminated against a breastfeeding mother. The manager requested her to cover up and even offered her a shirt. Washington protects breastfeeding mothers and their children to publicly breastfeed. When the woman contacted the corporate office, the manager was defended by Red Robin. Red Robin stated that the manager did not need to know the laws.

I completely disagree with Red Robin.

When I read the subsequent tweet:

"@faedemere If you want to express your concern to Red Robin for their discrimination of #breastfeeding moms go here! "

I submitted a comment to Red Robin, the comment is below.

"I recently learned about a manager at the Kennewick, WA, Red Robin asking a mother to cover up while breastfeeding. I understand that her right to breastfeed in public is protected by Washington law. I currently reside in California, but I will not eat at a Red Robin until Red Robin makes it clear that the manager in question, including ALL MANAGERS - present and future, will either receive education on breastfeeding laws. In addition, Red Robin must publicly support breastfeeding in all of their restauraunts, whether covered or not wherever the mother and child wish to breastfeed. Until that time, I will promote the idea of not eating at Red Robin to everyone who will listen."

My comment was issued the confirmation number: 204161.

I know there is a typo, dang it, I had in there that they should fire that manager if she/he refused education on breastfeeding laws. I thought I should just leave that part out.

So, Red Robin now sits next to Nestle on my boycott list.

To read the law that protects breastfeeding in the state of Washington go here:

To submit a comment to Red Robin go here:


  1. Thanks for spreading the word!!

  2. Why is it so unreasonable to ask a breastfeeding mother to be considerate, show some common decency, and simply cover up so other people can enjoy their meal?

    Better yet, why can breastfeeding mothers bring a bottle of breast milk with them when they leave the house, just like formula moms do?

  3. The reason why not all moms can cover up or bring a bottle of pumped milk is that sometimes the child just does not like those ideas. As parents, it is our job to provide the best for our children. It is much easier for you as a grown up to look away and go on with what you were doing than for us to force our children to eat in ways that are uncomfortable for them.

  4. In addition "M M" breastfeeding is a normal act. It is a natural act. It is what we were biologically meant to do. Maybe you should start trying to looking at breastfeeding as a gift of life, something to be treasured, admired, respected. It is a beautiful act of selfless giving. It has been done for as long as humans have been on this planet and before we even stepped foot here. It is magical and if you are blessed enough to be a parent, it is the best gift you could give or support your child to have.

  5. MM, in Washington it is ILLEGAL to ask a mother to cover up.

    And we have a right to exclusively breastfeed, just like formula mommas have a right to formula feed. I don't own a breast pump or bottles, I own breasts.

    By the way, pumping is not the same as feeding straight from the breast. The child doesn't not suck the same, which can lead to nipple confusion and the eventual end of an ability to nurse at the breast. Also, a lot of the antibodies the mother produces for their child are transferred through the areola as well as the breastmilk.