Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Careful, Don't Let the Kids Medicate

While at the grocery store, I overheard the cashier ask a young woman for identification. The young woman was buying cough syrup. I was amazed to overhear that some OTC medications require that you be 18 years old to purchase them in California. After the young woman proved she was of age and left the store, I asked the cashier how long this has been a law. She told me that it has been around for about 4 years. In addition, there is a quantity limit on certain types of medication due to illegal drug production.

I understand why they would want to limit the quantity of certain medication purchases, evenso I was still a bit pissed. I was a teenage parent to my now 10 year old. Had I gone into a store at 16 years old to purchase some medicine for my baby, and I could not because I was not 18, I would have flipped out. This clearly stinks of ageism. If you are a drug producer, it is one thing, but if you are a kid just trying to take care of business, what the hell?

If somebody finds a link to the actual law or a professional article on it, please leave a link in your comment. Thanks

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Season To Give

For a few years now, I have been aware of the need for clean water in many countries. There are people that volunteer to travel across the world to build wells and water catchment systems. Due to being a mother with young children, I wondered how I could get involved in helping those in need of clean water.

Having access to clean water affects more than just a quenched thirst. Believe it or not, close to 5000 children die every day due to water related illnesses. The organization mycharity: water has made it possible for people like me to participate in bringing clean water to millions of people. On my Holiday Campaign page you can donate to help a community get clean water. This particular campaign is only running to December 28, 2009. 

Please visit my page now: http://mycharitywater.org/Season2Give

If you donate $60 or more, I will send you a free gift (no cost, no shipping). Go to my Ebay page at http://shop.ebay.com/boobiesnbabies/m.html after making a qualified donation. Send me a message with your address, how much you donated, and the item you picked out.