Monday, February 15, 2010

Pregnancy and Birth: Third Time is a Charm

Goals for Pregnancy:
  • Daily walk and/or Bike Ride
  • Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins and Omegas Every Day
  • Drink 10-12 cups of Water Every Day
  • Spirulina / Fruit / Yogurt Smoothies :)
  • Probiotics
  • Prenatal Yoga in the Morning before DD2 wakes up
  • Cut Down Coffee / Caffeine to 4oz a day or less
  • Take Professional Pregnancy Photo
  • Take a Belly photo every week <3
  • Henna the Belly
  • Make a Belly Cast
  • Keep a Pregnancy Journal
  • Get a Midwife
  • Plan on Homebirth
Goals for Birth:
  • No Interventions / Natural Birth
  • At Home in Birthing Pool
  • Video Tape Birth (I want to watch it, darn it!)
  • Midwife or Doula to assist with Birth
  • DH to be present and hold me in pool when wanted
  • DD1 to hang out with DD2 and be involved as much as she wants :)
  • Breastfeed as soon as possible
  • Bank Cord Blood or Donate if possible
  • Save Placenta for Placenta Pills or bury it under a tree :)
This is the the list of personal goals thus far...

And of course a Healthy Baby is the ultimate goal to reach for!

Someone's awesome prego belly!
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  1. Sounds Great!! Am So excited for you!! Keep Us updated on how things are coming along. Many Blessings!!