Saturday, February 6, 2010

DIY: Medicine

Here are a few simple recipes to making medicine for common ailments.

Conjunctivitis / Pink Eye : Seep some fresh ginger in hot water, take warm washcloth and wipe eye, wash hands frequently. Ginger acts as an antiseptic. If you have breastmilk, putting a few drops in the eye may also help. Breastmilk has a lot of antibodies and holds many healing properties.

Ear Ache : Infuse some olive oil with garlic, make sure it is not too hot, drip a few drops in affected ear, cover with a cotton ball. Olive oil coats the ear, garlic acts as an antiseptic.

Sore Throat : Slice some onion, stick in glass jar, put in some sugar, place in fridge. Sugar will draw out onion juice and the juice and sugar will create a syrup. You can take a spoonful when needed.

Immune Support : Put some honey and garlic in a jar, take a spoonful when needed.

**If Conditions Persist or Worsen, Contact a Doctor - These are just suggestions from what we use in our own home.**

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