Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 1 at The Gym

I came home from my shortened trip to my grands and was disappointed the house had not changed in a week. Minus my portable dishwasher and convection oven sitting in the corner of the garage. (I knew it was silly to feel this way after such a short amount of time.) I was upset and did not know why I felt so unhappy with life, I was taking it out on my family by having such a down mood. We often hear that exercise can help alter one's mood. (I have a few studies I will be reading online.) I took a step forward and joined a gym.

This Monday was my first day. I went for an evening yoga class. I got there early to drop off my children in the childcare and fill out the necessary paperwork. When that was completed, I still had 20 minutes before class. It was a great time to get some cardio in. I found a machine towards the back of the gym where I could see the classroom. I wanted to make sure I paid attention to when the turbo kick class got out so I could get a space near the door for yoga. I like to be easily accessible in case my children need me and also be able to leave class without disturbing too many people.

The machine had the rotating foot "peddles" and stationary handles. One could adjust the tilt and resistance. I upped the resistance and lowered the tilt and was on my way. I did 15 minutes. For the first time in a long time I was sweating for a reason other than the temperature or running around the house like a crazy woman. It felt awesome.

When the other class was released I stood in line with the other potential yogis. I got the space in class I desired and awaited the beginning of the yoga class. We went through several warm ups and then a sequence, adding poses. Then came the pigeon....My right knee was not going to allow such a pose. So, I respectfully went into a child's pose until that segment was over. I tried but it really hurt way too much. As the teacher reminded us at the beginning of class, "Honor your injuries." I tried to honor mine. At the end of class, even with me bowing out of a segment and goofing on a few poses, I still felt good about the experience.

I had about 30 minutes remaining of "No Children" time. What was I going to do? The sauna, the sauna, the sauna. I sat in there for about 10 minutes and decided to leave before puking on the other people in there. I was sweating a great deal. Two days later, I can see a difference in my skin.

I am not sure how I feel about the childcare at this particular club. My oldest had to body guard DD2 from some unruly 5 year old boys. I wondered where the teachers were and what would happen if I only took DD2 with me at some point. Who would protect her from the kicks and aggressive pushing through? My children are not used to physical aggression, and really....Who's child should be used to physical aggression? I will have a talk with the teachers at the childcare on-site prior to going to work out. If that nonsense continues we will go to another club, no problem.

Overall, a good first time experience at the gym, I look forward to going next time.

Some links to the studies:

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